Succession at HEITEC HOT RUNNER TECHNOLOGY: Igor Kusic takes the Helm from Hans Schreck


HEITEC HOT RUNNER TECHNOLOGY GmbH, a leading provider of hot runner technology, announces a significant change in its corporate leadership. After more than 35 years at the helm of the company, founder and shareholder Hans Schreck has decided to pass the reins of responsibility for the company into new hands. The shares of HEITEC HOT RUNNER TECHNOLOGY GmbH will be transferred to Igor Kusic, founder and managing director of Ferrofacta GmbH based in Allendorf/Eder.

Located in the Burgwald/Bottendorf Industrial Park, HEITEC is renowned for its custom and small size applications in hot runner technology.

Under the leadership of Hans Schreck, the company has evolved into a pioneer in hot runner technology in plastic applications, gaining global recognition for its product innovations such as the SLIM-LINE Nozzle with the first internal injection (for example for lipstick caps), STAR-LINE with the first side injection, and FLAT-LINE with one of the narrowest Valve Gate Nozzle distances.

The transfer of shares to Igor Kusic heralds a new era for HEITEC. Kusic, an experienced entrepreneur and technology expert, brings an extensive track record of success in the industry. As the founder and managing director of Ferrofacta GmbH, he has established himself as an innovator and market leader in the field of hot runner technology in metal die casting.

The succession at HEITEC signifies a seamless transition and ensures continuity of the quality and innovation for which the company is known. Under the new leadership of Igor Kusic and the managing director Lars Heinemann, HEITEC will continue its commitment to excellent customer service, product quality, and technological innovation.