Heitec heisskanaltechnik offers experience with injection-moulded packaging

You are a manufacturer of high precision injection moulded packaging for small to large production volumes. As manufacturer of injection moulded plastic packaging you offer your customers a broad range of options. You help with the proper packaging and successful marketing of foods and other things.

HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik is your professional development partner. We offer advice on everything from gate quality to cycle time optimisation. Take advantage of our competence, which is based on decades of experience and great application know-how. Together we will find the optimal hot runner systems.

Your technical hot runner requirements

  • Smallest cavity spacing
  • IML technology
  • Fast cycle times and high production rates
  • Plastic parts with edge gates
  • Thin walls
  • Frequent colour changes
  • High reproducibility
  • Compact design
  • High gate and surface quality

Our hot runner know-how

The following articles, for example, were manufactured using HEITEC hot runner technology:
  • Cap
  • Container
  • Folding cap
  • Suitcase
  • Pallet
  • Packaging for dairy products
  • Caps for beverages
  • Bucket
  • Spray can
  • Thin walled container
  • Lid
  • Juice and water
  • Valve
  • Food packaging
  • Food storage
  • Tins
  • Crate
  • Beverage cap
  • Beverage lid
  • Cap insert

HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik helps you with optimising your cost efficient injection moulded packaging further, and with realising an optimal product design. We understand the requirements regarding high quality packaging and their aesthetic appeal. Our team contributes the competence for realising all design types with ecological sustainability and high reproducibility.

product overview

The suitable hot runner solutions in detail

data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
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