Reliable hot runner systems from heitec for the medical industry

Wherever plastic products are needed to help protect people's health, we create reliable and efficient manufacturing processes with our hot runner systems. Because injection-moulded plastic parts require maximum process reliability - ever smaller components, increasing demands on medical products or complex assemblies are what the industry is looking for.

Over the years, HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik has developed a high level of know-how in this area of application. We understand your requirements as a manufacturer of injection-moulded parts for medical equipment.

Your technical hot runner requirements

  • Plastic parts with edge gates
  • Highest demands on gate quality / vestige quality
  • Smallest injection points
  • Concentricity
  • Close cavity spacing
  • Clean-room manufacturing
  • Thin walled articles
  • Production tooling
  • Process reliability
  • Reduced energy consumption

Our hot runner know-how

The following articles, for example, were manufactured using HEITEC hot runner technology:
  • Syringe plunger
  • Spray actuator for asthma spray
  • Dry powder container inhaler
  • Sample containers
  • Pen injector middle part
  • Tablet container
  • Spin collar
  • Syringe barrel
  • Syringe body
  • 2-component dosing button for powder inhaler
  • Coagulation trap with ventilation adapter
  • Flowmeter
  • Pipette holder
  • 5-ml measuring spoon
  • Cardiotomy reservoir lid
  • Medical toothpicks
  • Measuring cup
  • Ampoules
  • Pipette holder
  • Spiral
  • Tablet dispensers
  • Case
  • Catheter
  • Closure

Your expectation is a high level of automation, clean conditions and a consistently high level of quality in the production of your medical devices. That is why we should get to know each other. HEITEC is setting standards in the field of hot runner systems for medical equipment and offers a broad range of options. If you are looking for your optimal hot runner solutions, you can rely on us.

product overview

The suitable hot runner solutions in detail

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