Tried-and-tested heitec hot runner systems for cosmetics packaging

Your customers are brand manufacturers who rely on your competence in the production of high quality cosmetics packaging. And on the reliability and cost efficiency of this production. This is where we come in: We offer you and your toolmaking team a broad product range of hot runner equipment. We develop the hot runner solution that matches your technical requirements. With an eye for detail, you can take advantage of our know-how, modern manufacturing technology and our experience regarding your decoration and design specifications.

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Your technical hot runner requirements

  • Highest surface quality
  • Perfect aesthetics and haptics
  • Highest demands on gate quality
  • High production volumes and fast cycle times
  • Multi component injection moulding
  • High reproducibility
  • Compact design
  • Maximum robustness for daily use

Our hot runner know-how

The following articles, for example, were manufactured using HEITEC hot runner technology:
  • Lipstick cap
  • Shower gel cap
  • Cap
  • Box
  • Soap holder
  • Cup
  • Dental floss dispenser
  • Quiver
  • Scent box
  • Cream jar
  • Ointment jar

The perfect packaging is the ultimate in look and functionality. Many plastics processing manufacturers for the cosmetics industry put their trust in HEITEC hot runner systems – and in our quality and sustainability.

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The suitable hot runner solutions in detail

data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
data sheet (PDF)
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