by increased ENERGY EFFICIENCY for standard products

You want to save energy and increase your productivity at the same time?

Heitec Heisskanaltechnik GmbH increased all standard products to such an extent that massive energy savings have been achieved to meet the continuously increasing energy costs and simultaneously the continuous demand of increasing productivity.

We achieved significant reductions of energy demand for all our nozzle series by using more efficient heating elements and advanced materials in connection with geometrical optimizations. A subsequent backfitting for nozzles which are already in use is possible anytime without any mold changing. Of course we are certified according to DIN ISO 14001 and permanently develop not only our products but also our processes to produce more environmentally friendly.

In the past years we already achieved an energy saving of 25 % up to 60 % with all of our nozzles. Therefore not only the direct energy demand of the nozzles is reduced but the whole process is improved effectively. Beneficially secondary effects are for example:

  • colder running molds
  • shorter cycle times
  • reduced heat input into mold
  • avoidance of stringing
  • early detection of air vent pollution and similar problems

The following chart shows the saving in % for our standard nozzles.