Fakuma 2018
We would like to thank to all the visitors who took the opportunity to get information about our  innovations and our well-proven products, to have technical discussions and to find individual solutions for any kind of application.

Your impulses, wishes and requirements are the engine which drives us constantly!

A tool of the first hour finds its way back to Heitec.

Rather by chance, the company Heitec Heisskanaltechnik GmbH from Burgwald-Bottendorf was able to recover a double hot runner system from the early years ofthe company’s history and present it to the public on time for its 30th anniversary.


User friendly hot runner concept allows high precision
production of a felt tip pen.

HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH impresses again with innovative solutions for the production of a felt tip pen with side injection.


standard production tool with the smallest injection point

The Plastechnik AG, which is based in 3178 Bösingen, Switzerland, is specialized in the production of technically sophisticated plastic parts and the design and manufacturing of injection moulds. HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH in 35099 Burgwald, Germany, is known for providing special solutions in the area of hot runner technology, particularly in lateral injection and the production of highly specialized small nozzles.

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Thank everybody for success of our K-show

HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH presented its product range and the redesigned booth on the K-show which took place from 16th  to 23rd October.
We would like to thank everybody for supporting us and for contributing to the success of our K-show appearance.

„Rain/Light Sensors“

 As a motorist one values any aids which make driving easier. "Rain/light sensors" are just those aids. When dusk sets in or a certain brightness value is not reached, the headlights turn on automatically.

In a similar automatic manner wipers come into action when the rain sensor reacts accordingly, or else the sun sensor sends corresponding data to the climate control unit and the air conditioning responds. Another function of the "Rain/Light sensor" is  that the blower starts when humid air is detected inside the car.

 These specialized sensors, such as those offered by one of the largest automotive supplier and manufacturer of optical components find their application in most cars today, such as Mercedez-Benz, Audi, BMW, VW and many more.

The typical resin used for these optical lenses, is a polycarbonate. More precisely, three different polycarbonates, a clear type, an infrared type and for the housing a black polycarbonate.

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A little world record: 5.5 mm cavity clearance

Already in the year 1996, the patent-registered Heitec Heisskanaltechnik GmbH flat nozzle revolutionized primarily the world market in hot-runner-technology. Within the past years, the nozzle has been developed constantly in order to meet the increasing production-claims of the plastic-processing industry.

Thus, we were able to downsize once more the supposably smallest nozzle at the world market so that the nozzle can now be applied with smallest cavity clearances of 5.5 mm. This means smallest range of requirement at a maximum output per mold-surface and so the biggest efficiency for your production. You may even use the nozzles within an environment where no other nozzle would find enough space.

As a result, the flat nozzles are particularly applicable for metal-extrusion-coating, Reel to Reel-production as well as all ranges of micro-injection-moulding.

At the same time, the flat-line impresses with an optimal temperature-profile despite of its very small measurements.


Fakuma 2015

Again, this year the international plastics processing exhibition Fakuma took place in Friedrichshafen. We took a lot of advantages from many effective conversations.

We would like to thank everybody who took part in this exhibition performance.

Hot runner manufacturer HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH based in Burgwald Germany is expanding its product line to include a special design of the Flat-Line series.


A very perfect circle – High precision sealing ring with fully balanced hot runner system injected from the inside.

WEHA-Gummiwaren-Fabrik Holzberg GmbH & Co. KG, a plastics processing company located in Berlin, Germany and


Hot Runner System for Medical Micro Parts

In response to the demands for ever more compact hot runner systems for the production of plastic components used in the medical and electronics industry Heitec Hot Runner Systems introduces a new hot runner system. Until 2011 a 6.0 mm cavity spacing was considered to be the smallest possible using individually controllable hot tip nozzles. Continuous development of the Flat-Line nozzle series now allow a distance from 4.5 mm.


Multiple variety – The Star-Line Family is growing

We were able to enlarge our Star-Line product-range by the new solutions Star-Line One as well as Star-Line Double. Due to their modular construction, these noozles are designed for very different applications within the lateral injection.

Next to modular assembling, all nozzles of this series have the controlling-effort minimizing multiple-nozzle functionality in common. The designs of one to two up to eight tips within alternatively linear or radial configuration offers completely new possibilities in placing of the injection-point.

Nevertheless, owing to its modular design the nozzles are absolutely service pleasant and are suited excellently for handling of superior materials at high production requirements.


The Crown of Hot-runner-technology – Star-Line-Crown

We offer you a hot-runner-nozzle for lateral injection where heat-expansion is no longer criteria even when having very long nozzles.

Owing to a modular design where crown as well as body of nozzle have been separated constructionally, we were able to redirect the growth of length at all of our types of our Star-Line nozzle series to the inside of the nozzle.

Thus, there will be no “wandering” injection-points and highest product claims will be achieved, and so Star-Line nozzles with a length of up to 600 mm are realizable.

These nozzles can be offered in different standard-designs as well as with different melting-diameter.


Productivity in line – Star-Line-Linear

The Star-Line Linear is a multi-tip-nozzle for lateral injection with linear tip design. The nozzle is based on the functional-principle of the Star-Line multi-tip nozzle which has been developed by Heitec Heisskanaltechnik GmbH in the year of 2004, already.
The great advantage and at the same time the difference to our Star-Line-Radial is that it permits small pitches. Besides that this nozzle offers all the advantages of lateral injection with linear design of the cavities.

Simultanousely, you reduce your controlling-efforts with increasement of your mold-output and so you enhance your productivity. The Star-Line-Linear is specially requested in medicine-, laboratory- and packaging-technology.