• 2017

30 years Heitec

Lars Heinemann, new technical director in the company

  • 2016

Extra-long nozzle type X-Slim-Line 01.059 with minimum outside diameter and the largest melt diameter included in our program.

  • 2015

From the idea to the prototype by purchasing a 3D printer

New Starcat program started up

  • 2014

Investments in new machining centres

All Starline variants available as single applications.

Foreign representatives provide services for customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and CIS.

  • 2013

Development of the Free-Flow valve-gate system

Investment in a 5-axis-rotation centre.

  • 2012

25% less energy consumption for all products due to increased energy efficiency

25. company anniversary

The current series of “Flat-Line” nozzles makes a cavity-to-cavity distance of 4,5 mm with adjustable nozzle possible.

  • 2011

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH invests in a height gauge and a new 3D measuring machine.

The Starline nozzle is extended to a linear design in 8-fold design

  • 2010

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH introduces the probably smallest hot runner nozzle to the global market.

  • 2008

expansion of the production hall

Bastian Schreck joins the company management as the second chief executive officer

  • 2007

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH celebrates its 20th company anniversary.

  • 2006

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH hires its 100th employee.

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH is awarded the entrepreneurial prize for “innovative medium-sized company.”

The line of goods now includes connecting nozzles.    

  • 2005  

The Flat-Line, which is designed for use in customized solutions, is offered on the market.

  • 2004

At the beginning of the year, nozzle sales exceed the 40,000 mark.

87 Employees including 8 apprentices.

  • 2003

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH is awarded the world-wide recognized DIN EN ISO 14001 certificate.

  • 2002

Representative in Hong Kong, China starts operations.

In order to enhance production reliability, inspection windows are developed and offered for sale on the market.

76. Employee              

  • 2001

Representative office in Taiwan opens.

  • 2000

Production and administration move into the new hall

  • 1999

newly constructed building in Bottendorf, topping out ceremony

  • 1998

Representative offices in South Africa, Italy and Portugal are established.

L-manifolds, T-manifolds, H-manifolds, Y-manifolds and X-manifolds go on sale.

A new company building is in the works.

  • 1997


Receives ISO certification DIN EN ISO 9001

38. Employee

  • 1996

We already started offering the Slim-Line nozzle, which is particularly suitable for internal gating, for sale.

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH incorporates distributor nozzles and horizontal manifolds into the product range.

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH develops and presents its own website.      

  • 1995

Relocation to Mr. Cronau’s industrial complex

The 10,000th nozzle is dispatched

30. Employee

  • 1994

Representative office for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Benelux are established.

  • 1993

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH distributes straight-through nozzle for sale

Representation in Austria and Switzerland

  • 1992

foreign representative office opens in Canada

  • 1991

Field representatives are assigned to sales territories within the federal states of Hessen and Thüringen

The first valve gate is launched onto the market

25. Employee

  • 1990

Representative office in northern Germany is established

The first complete hot half is produced

  • 1989

HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH’s existing product range is supplemented with the Profile-Line and Single-Line nozzles

  • 1988

Expansion of machine park, HEITEC HEISSKANALTECHNIK GMBH’s production of hot runner systems starts to really take off.

The 5th employee is hired.

  • 1987

Company is established by Karl-Heinz Cronau, Günter Schulz and Hans Schreck.

Offices and production hall are constructed and furnished. Company name and logo are designed by our friend Uli Brosz

The First-Line tip- and open, Single-Multi-Line and the Multi-Line are put on the market.

  • 1986

first development of hot runner systems, a patent is filed for externally heated hot runner systems