Dates and Exhibitions

20. - 23.

May 2015

ChinaPlas Guangzhou
International Plastics &
Rubber Trade Fair
Guangzhou, China


June 2015

7th Hohenwestedter Technology Day
Plastics Technology, Moldmaking and Tooling, Injection molding
Hohenwestedt, Germany

another Exhibitions

Efficiency Plus

We achieved significant reductions of energy demand for all our nozzle series by using more efficient heating elements and advanced materials in connection with geometrical optimizations. In the past years we already achieved an energy saving of 25 % up to 60 % with all of our nozzles.

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A very perfect circle – High precision sealing ring with fully balanced hot runner system injected from the inside.

WEHA-Gummiwaren-Fabrik Holzberg GmbH & Co. KG, a plastics processing company located in Berlin, Germany and



Hot runner trainings for smaller classes or single persons with practical trials and assembling demonstration at HEITEC on request. We also arrange workshops within your company if you want us to. Just contact us.

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About Heitec

HEITEC is a future-oriented hot runner producing company, which offers innovative solutions for the wasteless production of plasticparts.


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